Digging Down Vermont

We have started the excavation process on our Vermont Avenue property.  We purchased this property there was no basement so we’re digging down and creating one to increase the livable square footage of this classic row home.


2-6-2015 011 (Copy)


2-6-2015 019 (Copy)


We’ve dug down 9 additional feet under the property!


2-6-2015 014 (Copy)


Underpinning is a tricky job because we have to dig below a property while making sure the actual structure above is supported, and the two structures next door are supported as well.  This is definitely not a do-it-yourself job and must be performed by licensed and expeirenced contractors who have the approved permits to do so.  Failure to perform the job correctly could cause the existing, or neighboring structures to collapse.


2-6-2015 013 (Copy)


This process will take us 30-45 days.  Check back for updates!


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